Screeps, BitUp, Let Them Come, The Beginner's Guie

I've encountered several cool games in the past three days. Let's see what I can cover.


Screeps is a game in which the player needs to code in Javascript to get things done. It's an MMO strategy game set in a series of interconnecting rooms. The player needs to spawn minions and program their behaviors in gathering resources, defense, and offense.  The learning curve is incredibly steep, but the vision of having players face off in a battle of coding wits is intriguing. I watched one gameplay clip that showcased a player facing increasingly challenging attacks from another player.  S/he does well in the initial stages, but once the front line is broken, responding to the threat as enemies moved about seemed really challenging. What's the code that will say, "split fighters off into groups and chase down the closest baddies"?

I took a look at Screenshot Daily, a site that showcases the posts from Reddit's screenshot Saturdays. As an indie developer myself I'm pretty damn humbled by how good some of these projects look.


BitUp's painted pixelart. 

BitUp's painted pixelart. 


I just think this is pretty.

Currently in development for PC and PS4.

Let Them Come

Let Them Come is not really my kind of game, but I was floored by the style. The player's face at the bottom of the screen distorts with fear and rage as baddies get closer to his barricade. The flashes of gunfire in a pitch black hallway illuminating the shambling masses. Wet explosions. Very effective.

Currently in development. PC, Consoles, Mobile.

The Beginner's Guide

From David Wreden, the writer of The Stanley Parable. The Beginner's Guide "tells the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand."

I know literally nothing besides the trailer, but I loved the TSP and the premise they lay out here. It's $10 on Steam. 

Games are awesome, and there are more of them than it's possible to keep track of.