These are my passion projects. 

CIVICUS Monitor Skill

I developed an open source script to scrape the CIVICUS Monitor for data and report back.

The PeaceTech Wiki

In June of 2016, I launched an initiative to create a user-friendly database of low-cost, easy-to-use tools for activists and peacebuilders. The PeaceTech Wiki is a free resource for peacebuilders to learn about technology and help accomplish their goals. 

The Captain's Log

Published October 13, 2015

The Captain's Log sets the player as the captain of a star ship that has been lost in space. Find your way home, scavenging for resources, upgrading your ship, embarking on dangerous missions and scouting out worm holes. As you play, the captain will record in his/her log updates about the day, dynamically reacting to the events of the story.

For PC, Mac, and Linux


October 12, 2013

Enter Shaped, an atmospheric and (deceptively) dreamy world in which the player must hunt for his or her perfect match in a sea of strangers. 

Made through the Send More People project.

Android app on Google Play